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  • SecureShot Covert Camera/DVR (Power Plugged)

    SecureShot Clock Weather Radio "Sees in the Dark". The "PHANTOM" sees all - ALL the time! Even in TOTAL DARKNESS! Dual Camera (dually) system- Produces Brilliant Hi Res Color Video by day- Automatically Switches to .000 Lux B&W by Night. Invisible internal IR illuminators allow for TOTAL DARKNESS recording up to 30 feet.

  • Spy HD Watch DVR (4GB)

    Spy HD Watch DVR (4GB) Designed to look and function like an ordinary wrist watch, this HD spy watch is also the first of its kind to offer 720p High Definition video.

  • NightWatch8GB NightWatch8GB
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    The stylish design suits any occasion, making it just the thing for operations that have to keep one eye on the budget (and isn't that just about all of us, these days?) The stylish black face of the unit conceals a recorder capable of gathering both audio and video data as well as a more ordinary mechanism that keeps track of the time.

  • Smart Phone Call Recorder

    The Worlds Smallest Call Recorder For Smartphones U2 will also work as a voice recorder to record any conversation Easy to use and download through your computer Voice activated recording up to 20 hours

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  • Bluetooth Headset Cam/DVR215

    Wear this lightweight camera disguised as a bluetooth headset and easily capture video or still photos. The recorded image stays clear and sharp even when the user is in motion or using the camera in lower light. The rechargeable Lithium battery and 4Gb internal storage make the Bluetooth Headset Cam a great addition to your body-worn camera arsenal.

  • Tracking Key Pro - H5100

    The GPS Tracking Key Pro® is LandAirSea’s newest GPS vehicle tracking device, a compact and portable passive GPS tracking unit that is only slightly larger than the two (2) AA batteries that give it power. 

  • Tracking Key II - H4101 : AS SEEN ON THE HIT AMC SHOW...

    The Tracking Key II GPS Data logger provides location by location tracking without costly monthly subscriptions fees. Recently upgraded, the Tracking Key II offers greater battery life, universal computer compatibility and free online mapping so you know precisely where, when, and how fast the device traveled from one place to another.

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  • Flashback GPS Logger - H4150-LANDAIRSEA

    The Flashback® is a highly advanced compact GPS data logging vehicle tracking device. It is available with no monthly recurring fees, powered by a rechargeable battery and has powerful built in a magnetic mount and is completely waterproof. Using Global Navigation Satellite System the Flashback records all your vehicle movements.

    $199.00 $239.00 -$40.00