4 Camera CCTV System

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ProTVI Series, Full High Definition 1080p 4 Camera CCTV System with 2 Megapixel Mini Bullet Cameras

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ProTVI Full High Definition 1080p CCTV System with 4 Bullet Cameras with 2 Megapixel Resolution for Indoor or Outdoor Use and built-in Infrared Nigth vision.

ProTVI Series of Security Camera Systems is designed as upgrade to our best selling ProPlus Series. ProTVI CCTV Systems are perfect for small businesses like retail, restaurants, bars, gas stations, professional offices etc. ProTVI is also a great choice for residential surveillance. ProTVI Systems feature highest quality recording, more than quadruple resolution of 700TVL cameras yet at a very affordable price. Designing ProTVI line of CCTV Systems we are confident that HD-TVI technology will soon overtake all CCTV market, still currently dominated by analog cameras. HD-TVI is a totally new level of video surveillance. Even if you already own a camera system, you may think about upgrading it to HD-TVI technology using our ProTVI Complete CCTV Systems.

Full Remote Access

Our ProTVI Series DVR is easily accessible from any mobile device like phone or tablet as well as any computer. You can monitor your valuables live or play stored video from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet access.

Real Time High Definition Recording and Display

Absolutely no delay or pixelation on Live view as well as on Playback. You can view all cameras Live in High Definition with no latency so common for IP camera systems.

Easy to use with powerful features

You will love Easy to use Graphic User Interface. You can operate DVR with a mouse and even without prior experience it doesn't take long to get familiar with all the features like Smart Search, where you can review video based on motion in selected area of the picture.

Motion Activated Recording

This system can record on motion only saving you storage space and time when retrieving a video. You don't need to fast forward through hours of video. You can set cameras to record on weekly schedule as well, or just record continuously.

Easy Backup

Need to save some video footage for evidence. USB backup allows to easily transfer important footage from NVR to you USB Flash Drive. You can also use remote backup and transfer files directly to your computer using Remote Access Feature.

Indoor or Outdoor with Night Vision

Water Resistant and Weather-Proof Dome Cameras are great for Indoor and Outdoor use with a Infrared Night Vision Cameras operate even in full darkness.

Wide Dynamic Range WDR Feature

Have you experienced issues with a picture when part of it is in bright sunlight and other part in shade? You can only clearly see part of the picture. The other half is either way too dark or way too bright. This is when WDR comes handy. WDR camera takes 2 shots of the same picture, one with open iris and one with closed iris and than overlays them to correct dark or bright area.

Wide Angle Lens

3.6mm MegaPixel Fixed Lens is the most universal lens used in CCTV installations. It is a wide angle lens that works great on the outside as well as on the inside. Perfect for any installation up to 25ft height.

Multi-Site Surveillance with Powerful Central Monitoring Software

Do you need to monitor more than one location. Maybe you have multiple business location? Do you want to see your home and business when away? With CMS software you can monitor multiple sites all with just one program and all on one screen. Now you can be in many different places at a same time. CMS software is available for PC as well as Mobile Devices.

Available 8 Channel and 16Ch DVR Models for Future Expansion

Do you need just 4 Cameras for now but you think you may need more in the future? Upgrade DVR to 8 Channel or 16 Channel Model using drop-down options above. Whenever you are ready just purchase additional cameras and cables and expand your CCTV System.

Easy Installation

Installation of ProTVI HD-TVI Camera System is as easy as installation of older analog systems. All you need to do is run wires from DVR to each and every camera. If you select Plug&Play Pre-made Cable Set, cables already come terminated with connectors. For more advanced installers we have Professional Cable Set, you still need to run wires to each and every camera and you also need to terminate it with supplied connectors. Professional Cable set is recommended when longer than 100ft runs are required.